Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The 3,500,000 Candle Power Edition

Seth Rogen, Green Hornet, Frank Miller, Sin City 2, JLA, Miss/Guided, Moonlight, Indiana Jones IV, Wekly World News, Watchmen, Whiteout, Hellboy 2, Mummy 3, Hulk, Tim Blake Nelson, Guy Ritchie, The Stranded, Virgin Comics, Futurama.

- Seth Rogen has
stressed that his Green Hornet movie will not be played for laughs but will be an action film.

- Frank Miller has blamed the Sin City 2 'delays' on the Weinsteins. I honestly doubt the film will ever get made. I know: I'm a broken record. I honestly doubt the film will ever get made.

- Aint It Cool spread a JLA/OMAC rumour. OMAC? What's OMAC?

- Rob Thomas has left Miss/Guided, while Mark Hudis becomes showrunner and Todd Holland remains an executive producer; over at CBS, David Greenwalt has left Moonlight. Bad news all round.

- A photo from Comic-Con at Aint It Cool confirms an Indiana Jonex IV rumour. Well, I'd say so anyway. Shy of spoilers? Skip ahead. Yep - it looks like Henry jr. is once again looking for the ark of the covenant. I'm pleased by this. I just wish a better writer was responsible for the final script. And don't even get me started on the director...

- The Weekly World news is folding. The last issue will be on shelves this Friday, August 3rd. Will John Landis' Batboy musical ever see the light of day? I do hope so.

- Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt was not confirmed at the Watchmen panel, but Stephen McHattie as Hollis was. Snyder namechecked Se7en, which is troubling, and also pledged to match shot composition to the comic panels, which struck me as dumb, not least because a) one is designed to be still, the other to move and b) they are completely different shapes.

- A rough and unfinished looking Whiteout poster turned up at Comic-Con. Unsurprisingly, it aped the cover art.

- Hellboy 2 has been pulled forward, Mummy 3 pushed back. Suits me.

- Tim Blake Nelson has joined the Hulk cast as Samuel Sterns, aka The Leader. Don't expect any big brain Leader action, this is looking like Sterns all the way.

- Guy Ritchie is to direct the film version of his Virgin Comics title The Gamekeeper. Joel Silver will produce. However low your expectations are, lower them further. No - further than that. And again.

- Mike Carey is to write the Sci-Fi Channel and Virgin Comics' The Stranded. Standard issue aliens on earth on the run from their deadly past stuff. Might be alright. Might be great.

- The first of the Futurama movies will be released on November 27th. Bender's Big Score features Sarah Silverman, Coolio and, once more, Al Gore in cameo roles. The three remaining films should be out in 2008 before the re-edited versions roll out on TV.


Adam said...

An OMAC is a One Man Army Corps.
The original comic, by Jack Kirby, was about a futuristic soldier bonded with a sentient satellite called Brother Eye.

The current OMACs ( spite of them being One Man Army Corps) are nanobot-infected humans who hunt down superfolk...this time controlled by a sentient satellite called Brother Eye.

semi-good wiki article on OMAC:

Mark said...

Simple version: looks like they want to base the JLA movie on one of the worst crossover storylines ever to inflict itself upon DC Comics. Ugh.

But Jack Kirby's original OMAC? Fantastic, paranoid 70s Sci-Fi reworking of the Captain Marvel archetype. Somewhat marred by crap inking, though.

Also, re: SIN CITY 2. As well as looking like it'll never happen, I'd like to add that it should never happen. The left-over SIN CITY stories are very much the runts of the litter.