Thursday, July 05, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Automatic Out Of Office Response Edition

Is this a slow news week? You bet it is.

- Catherine Tate is to return to Dr. Who for the entirety of the fourth series, as his 'companion'. This appears to contradict everything about the Tom Ellis story, but I'm still told "he's not gone for good - we'll see him again". Maybe in Torchwood?

- New Line have hooked up with HBO to bankroll and release a Sex and the City movie. All of the other details are just as rumoured from the last year or two. As part of the deal, Kim Cattrall has been given a deal for a new series on HBO TV.

- Keith David will voice Dr. Facilier, the villain of Disney's The Princess and the Frog. I love Keith David, and I really love the song that Belle and Sebastian wrote for him.

- Just a couple of days after I mentioned A Dog's Breakfast again, it pops up in the news. MGM have quietly released it directly to iTunes and Unbox - and you can download it now. Will I be able to download it in the UK? Seems not... I'll have to wait for the September 18th DVD and import that. Either way, I'm a little disappointed this is bypassing cinemas, but very glad that, at last, we'll all be to able to enjoy it.

- The official Cloverfield site is online. Rubbish - but online.

- Michael Jai White is in The Dark Knight. I expect we'll also see him in the big fat Kill Bill coming out in November, though he was cut from the episodic version.

- The IESB have some video interviews with Werner Herzog and his Rescue Dawn boys.

- The Alvin and the Chipmunks poster hasn't been getting much love. I'm not exactly surprised, looking at the thing.

- Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis has confirmed that his involvement on another, as yet unannounced, Pixar project is underway.

- Fangoria have a couple of exclusive 30 Days of Night shots.

- The poster and trailer for Catacombs have both turned up. I see Pink is being credited by her real name.

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Mark said...

If Ellis' Milligan character returns to the WHOniverse, I'd say it'll be in connection to the Martha Jones character. So, yeah, maybe in Torchwood, maybe whenever she returns to the main show.