Monday, July 09, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Bad Punting Edition

I can't punt. I've been listening to Kodachrome by Paul Simon. Again.

- Chud have come out and reported that Billy Crudup will be Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. Suits me.

- More Comic-Con details are ou

- A Hulk casting call has revealed that - surprise, surprise - there will be soldiers in the film.

- What is Indiana Jones looking for this time? Aint It Cool have a very interesting theory. I hope it's true, and I expect it is.

- Neil Gaiman linked to a piece on Travis Knight, the lead animator on Coraline. It confirms that the film is being shot digitally and in stereo vision. I love 3D.

- Aisha Tyler has joined Karl Urban and Larry Fishburne in the cast of Tony Kaye's Black Water Transit. Come on Tony: I'm rooting for you.

- David Morell's novel The Brotherhood of the Rose has been optioned by Warner Bros.

- Variety have today given Trailers form Hell some kind of official launch - months after I first linked to it. As well as (my favourites) Joe Dante and John Landis performing commentary tracks for exploitation trailers, the site now features the more-readily hip Edgar Wright and eternally unhip Mary Lambert.

- The Swing Vote cast has been rounded out to include Dennis Hopper, Kevin Costner, Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, George Lopez and Madeline Carroll. The stars is out (and so is Madeline Carroll).

And I need to take a breather, so I'm publishing this and coming right back with another heavy load.

Oh - and if you're interested, I'm listening to all of Tapestry by Carole King. Best. Album. Ever.


Mark said...

Yeah, Indy going after that warehouse full of wonders from RAIDERS would be a great plot. And in these times, a well-made bit of political subtext. If you were Indiana Jones, would you trust the American government with the most powerful weapons ever created?

Adam said...

Area 51 just isn't gonna happen. Especially since all the supposed super-secret stuff in Area 51 was in Hangar 18 on Wright-Patterson AFB all through the 50s. Bone up on your conspiracy lore.

Brendon said...

Adam, I wouldn't assume that the plotline is going to follow conspiracy lore at all. They'll change it at will.