Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Hazelnut Edition

Indiana Jones, The Mist, Get Smart, The Eye, great DVDs coming later this year, Wall-E, BuyNLarge, Eddie Izzard, Jeremy Piven, Blade Runner, Iron Man, Hatchet, Doomsday.

- The Indiana Jones IV panel from Comic-Con, more or less, is now online.

- The Mist has a poster, and ShockTilYouDrop have put it up online.

- Hymie the robot and Agent 13 will both be in Get Smart.

- A couple of stills from The Eye have turned up and... meh.

- So many exciting DVD releases coming: Kubrick special editions, a 2-disc edition of Face/Off, Twilight Zone: The Movie. I need to start investing in some lottery tickets.

- USA Today have a beautiful new Wall
-E still. Also note that Gar-E, Sall-E, Wend-E and Nanc-E can be met, for the first time, over at the official site of BuNLarge.

- Eddie Izzard has replaced Jermey Piven in Igor. Or, to be more accurate, Eddie Izzard's voice has replaced Jeremy Piven's voice.

- Sorry that I missed this detail off of an earlier report: the Blade Runner Final Cut will be in cinemas from October 5th. Go!

- Tony Stark drives the Audi R8 Supercar and goes to bed with Leslie Bibb.

- Dee Snider introduces the Hatchet trailer on the MTV Movies Blog website. I can't access it, or even get a direct download link, because I'm outside of the US. Who can get the direct link for me?

- The Doomsday official site makes the film look like a cross between a cheap BBC rip off of classic 80's dystopian films like Blade Runner and Road Warrior and a naff hobby video made by weekending members of a Dr. Who fan club trying to be 'dark'. Which is very possibly exactly what the entire film will feel like

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