Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Hidden Messages Edition

Hidden messages? What? Here's your Minesweeper for the evening.

- Nathalie Press - you know her, she's the one who isn't not Emily Blunt and whose career isn't Emily Blunt's career - is to
star in Knife's Edge for director Anthony Hickox. On the plus side, hugh Bonneville and Joan plowright will be in the film too. In all sincerity, I'd like this to be good.

- Soderbergh is to
shoot his Che Guevera films, The Argentine and Guerilla, using the Red One 4K camera - last discussed here in connection with Peter Jackson's short war film Crossing the Line.

- The money for How to Lose Friends and Alienate People has
come together. I can't wait to see Jeff Bridges as Graydon Carter.

- Willa Holland, Anton Yelchin and Justin Chatwin have
joined Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri in John Stockwell's Middle of Nowhere.

- The Rocker writer Ryan Jaffe now has Don't Lean on Me
set to go too. Meanwhile, Shelter scribe Karl Mueller has sold a pitch to Arnold and Anne Kopelson.

- Had Drive not been murdered by Fox, it would have become even more interesting.

- Sergio Machado is
adapting the novel A Morte e a Morter de Quincas Berro D'Agua for the big ol' silvery screen.

- Kenny Ortega is directing
remake of Footloose with Zac Efron? The original seemed to have some kind of influence on Death Proof (honestly) so I wonder what the legacy of this rehash might prove to be?

- Alan Parker is
adapting Jamila Gavin's Coram Boy. Any Parker fans out there?

- IGN are disbelieving J J Abrams' recent comments and have decided that the Ethan Haas sites are related to Cloverfield/1-18-08. They don't know who first linked the film and sites... but I do...

- Darren Grant is to
direct the burlesque movie Make it Happen. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Tessa Thompson are to star - which should get it some attention, in certain quarters at least.

- The fifth Looney Tunes Golden Collection has been announced and this time it will include the Chuck Jones documentary Extremes and In-Betweens.

- John Moore has optioned the book The Book of Lost Things - not to be confused with Lost Book Found, a film I really regret not including on my top 100 list. Sigh. This one is a WW2-era fantasy that many have compared to Pan's Labyrinth. Or vice versa.

- The clash and fray between the MPAA and Courtney Solomon over Capitivity continues. This time, the articles of contention are 'offensive images' hanging outside of the premiere party.

-I was sent the spec of the R2 UK Sunshine DVD today, and so, it would seem, were DVD Times. I'll save the space and send you over there. Interesting to note that the alternative ending is less than a minute long - how much of the film is that going to replace?

- Sebastian Faulks is writing the next Bond novel, Devil May Care. A future film? Very possibly.

- Some more Doomsday pics have rolled out.

- William Gibson is spending some time in Second Life to plug his new book, Spook Country. There will even be a screening of his film No Maps for These Territories.

- American Gangster must be locked now because the BBFC have certificated it. Good stuff - almost 157 minutes of good stuff.

- The direct to DVD Bill and Ted is back in the news again.

- Don Cheadle vs. Guy Pearce - one out of two 'aint bad - are the stars of Traitor, an espionage yarn from Jeffrey Nachmanoff.

- Room 401 sounds like the Derren Brown zombie videogame stunt crossed with his latest show Trick or Treat. Well. A bit, anyway.

- The Cylons may not be what they appear to be.

- Some Dallas rags have gone under the hammer. Nothing to compete with the Ruby slippers, I'm sure.

- Martha Washington Dies is almost upon us. Rich Johnston has a point - why haven't some studio or another optioned this for a film?

- Claire Danes is playing Eliza Doolittle in David Grindley's new staging of Pygmalion.

- An age old fake Iron Man poster has started doing the rounds again.

- Sean Penn and Iggy Pop will be providing voices for the US version of Persepolis. At least the version for citizens of the US that can't/won't read.

- Alec Baldwin is disowning Shortcut to Happiness and has advised 'his fans' to not go see it.

I hope you enjoyed your hidde... er... Movie Minesweeper.

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