Monday, July 30, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Indian Food Made Easy Edition

So much stuff I couldn't possibly summarise it. Take a punt and check out this little lot...

- Sam Raimi has
Empire magazine that a writer is still to be appointed to Spider-Man 4. My money is on a new writer, fresh to the series at least; in fact, I expect a new director, new stars, new beginning. And, perhaps, the numbers dropped from the title. Amazing Spider-Man, anyone?

- Expect a second Simpsons movie.

- Jenna McGrath is adapting Bentley Little's horror novel The Store.

- The Rum Diary is on again. Hurrah!

- Bobbi Banks has been reelected for her second term as president of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Club/Gang/Posse/Academy/Guild.

- The Comic-Con crowds were crazy for Pushing Daisies.

- Stephen Soderbergh will finally start filming The Informant on April 15th next year. Matt Damon is still set to star. Rejoice! Less positively, it might prevent him from appearing in Paul Greengrass' Imperial Life in the Emerald City.

- Ridley Scott has credited MTV with encouraging him to press ahead with the Blade Runner Final Cut.

- NPR have a nice piece on Guerrilla Drive-Ins.

- Variety's Elizabeth Guider is to be the new editor of The Hollywood Reporter.

- Joss Whedon and Drew Gooddard have collaborated on a horror script called Cabin in the Woods. What's that about, I wonder? Whedon called it 'The horror movie to end all horror movies. Literally"

- We all know how similar Frank Darabont's Indy IV script is with Jeff Nathanson's 'final' version... but how dissimilar is it? Darabont has told MTV all about the comparisons.

- Paris Hilton has taken a key role in Repo! The Genetic Opera. I expected it was likely to turn out a bit of a turkey, now I'm 99% convinced.

- Tyrese Gibson and Joan Allen have been cast in Paul Anderson's Death Race remake. Yep. Joan Allen.

- Jessica Simpson was offered a role
that she was told would win her an Oscar. She turned it down. Why? The part was that of a porn star - as in, she'd be playing a porn star in a movie, rather than acting in a porn movie. What's her excuse for turning it down, I wonder? And if she does have some criteria - any criteria - for selecting films to be in/not be in, how come she ended up in a Steve Miner film?

- Patrick Tatopoulos is to direct Underworld 3, or whatever it is finally called. The film is planned as a prequel - largely to avoid questions about Kate Beckinsale's no-show, I'd imagine. I'm expecting a direct-to-DVD release.

- A special No End in Sight chat application has been set up so that the public can discuss the issues raised by the film.

- In case you weren't paying attention every time he told us previously, Eli Roth has Cell on hold. He's expecting to get to work on Trailer Trash first.

- Nick Cassavetes is to direct a movie version of My Sister's Keeper. Jeremy Leven wrote the script, making this something of a Notebook reteam. The stars this time out are set to be Cameron Diaz and Anton Yelchin.

- Ben Garrant and Thomas Lennon are busy writing a Night at the Museum sequel which they 'promise' will feature both existing and new characters.

- Clint Eastwood appears to have retired from acting.

- I hope that New Line's Croc vs. Shark film ends up being called Croc vs. Shark - but maybe Snakes on a Plane has rendered that impossible.

- The new Bravia ad will be shooting in New York over the next few weeks.

- The Comic-Con Star Trek poster is a wee bit snoresome.

- ComingSoon have an audio interview with Andrew Stanton. Listen!

- A trailer for the Lego Indiana Jones videogame is online. Should be fun.

- Uwe Boll is the master of a two-way sewer. After years of turning videogames into bad films, he's now getting involved in turning bad films into videogames.

- A UK DVD of 'Grindhouse trailer classics'? Surely that'll have an Emily Booth appearance someplace. Yep - there's a featurette with her on there. Directed by Jake West? I wouldn't be surprised.

- Ratatoing is an ugly, offensively exploitative rip-off of Ratatouille headed straight to DVD. It's only 45 mins long, too, which makes it even more of a con. Heart breaking to think some kids will get sucked in and even fall in love with it.

- Spielberg is taking a stance over Sudan and threatening to quit his association with the Beijing Olympics.

- Hostel is getting it's second US DVD release on October 23rd - the same day Hostel 2 is unleashed on disc for the first time. Apparently this double dip for the first film will finally give us a look at the original ending.

- Derren Brown has recieved good reviews from The New York Post and Times and The Boston Globe for his US show.

- There's been some vicious in-fighting at FilmRot.

- The Hurt Locker has a poster.

- Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong is finally edging closer to a film interpretation.

- The shoot for Death and Me now appears to be set for next spring, and in London, as I told you.

- Another story has gone missing from Latino Review. This one promised a picture of The Joker in his car but... click over and there's nothing there.


[thiago] said...

Hello Brendon,

I'm speaking from Brazil, and as a theatre and movie producer here in my country, I'm ashamed that a company would go (and went) this far, violating intelectual property of well known company like PIXAR.

This ridiculous (so called) company that made Ratatoing, before that, made Carrinhos 1 & 2 (in english, Little Cars 1 & 2), also a rip-off from Pixar's CARS. And still not satisfied, they made a video called GLADIFORMERS, and this one you know where they copied from.

I'm trying to get in touch with Disney and Paramount Pictures here in Brazil to let them know. What is right is right, and copyrights and intelectual property are serious business as we all know.

Best regards,


Capt Midnight said...

Brendan, Michaelangelo Antonioni has died yesterday.