Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Little Bits Of Movie News Edition

Women in Animation, Chinatown, The Two Jakes, Southland Tales, Charlie Bartlett, Saw IV, Joel Schumacher, Johnnie To, Iron Man, Bertrand Tavernier, Avatar, Machete.

- The Women in Animation even
ts were recorded and are now downloadable as MP3s. Feed your iPod well for a day or two. I saw the link at Cartoon Brew.

- Special edition DVDs of Chinatown and The Two Jakes are imminent.

- Southland Tales is to be released to North American cinemas on November 9th.

- Meanwhile, Charlie Bartlett has had its release date snatched back.

- As much as I don't like the Saw IV poster, it is easily the most intriguing one in the whole series. Infact, it asks some real questions and makes the plot seem a lot more interesting that I bet it actually turns out to be.

- Joel Schumacher is to remake Johnnie To's Breaking News. As it was with The Departed, this will probably make me appreciate the overrated original a whole lot more.

- Empire have a new Iron Man picture on their new cover.

- Bertrand Tavernier is writing a DVD blog. About French DVDs. In French. A must read for me, really, because it has so little competition that I'm aware of.

- Will Machete ever see the light of day? I sincerely doubt it, but the Babysitter Twins have been talking it up all the same.

- Ubisoft will be behind the Avatar videogame.

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