Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Red Rubber Jacket Report Edition

The Dardenne Bros., Luka Moodysson, Neil Gaiman, Step Up 2 the Streets, The Bell Jar, Watchmen, Star Trek, Southland Tales, Alfonso Cuaron, Naomi Watts, Joseph Fiennes, Harry Potter 6, The De2cent.

- Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne are receiving the funds for their next film from the Eurimages pot. Le Silence de Lorna revolves around the arranged marriage between an Albanian immigrant and a junkie. Eurimages have also coughed up a wad for Mammoth, Lukas Moodysson's next, an English-language film and, hopefully, a return to form.

- The Hollywood Reporter have had a good chat with Neil Gaiman.

- MySpace users and abusers might win a dance-on part in Step Up 2 the Streets.

- Julia Stiles talks The Bell Jar in her recent interview with MTV.

- Patrick Wilson has been confirmed for Watchmen, Zachary Quinto for Star Trek.

- Richard Kelly will be signing Southland Tales posters at Comic-Con. We can expect the trailer in mid-August, and a release date soon. I expect September.

- Alfonso Cuaron has had quite a dull week.

- It's been months since I first suggested Naomi Watts would be in Harry Potter 6, but it now seems that Joseph Fiennes has signed on too.

- The Descent sequel is to be called... drum roll please... The De2cent.


Mark said...

Joseph Fiennes to play his brother's grandfather? Or his father? Or even a younger, pre-snakey, version of Tom Riddle?

Brain all hurty.

C. said...

Cuaron's week can't have been all that dull. What with "Terry Gilliam came along too".

Pete said...

Sadly (well definitely vis-a-vis Joseph Fiennes) all three actors mentioned re: HP 6 have said this is not true (or at least not yet...)


An aside - 'The De2cent'? Whoever thought that up should be dropped down one of those potholes. Not as bad as 'L4yer C4ke' though.