Friday, July 20, 2007

Poster For The Darjeeling Limited

Below you can see the poster for The Darjeeling Limited. I assume that as you're here, at my site, the platform for me to present whatever I chose and comment on it how I wish, you're at least expecting me to share my opinion on it.

I think it is every bit as bland and predictable as the Life Aquatic poster. At least the Royal Tennebaums poster came early enough to sneak out before this limited visual style had been fully mapped five times over. Yawn.

Rushmore was, by and large, great. Before that, Bottle Rocket was pretty promising. Everything else Anderson has dropped on us has been indulgent, confused, often meandering, self-obsessed tripe. I expect more of the same from this. Anderson is like Woody Allen at his worst but in the grip of some utterly frustrating, narrowing and self-defeating visual and verbal fetishes. What he can do well is misapplied anyway, so his films end up having a very limited reach.

Oh, and, if you were wondering Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends with the boy wizard turning into a bowl of geraniums while Rincewind the wizard curses the Statue of Liberty and damns Atticus Finch to hell.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic ending to harry potter! Better than the real one...

I agree that this poster is a total rehash. I'm tired of this style.

JE said...

I think part of the reason why you don't get as many clicks as certain other film blogs is that you have yet to articulate a schtick. Think about it: Ain't It Cool has their perpetual adolescence thing where they constantly reference nerddom and exclaim everything!!!!!; CHUD is pretty consistently sardonic, mocking and skeptical (which isn't to claim that they always deliver. See: "Evan Not So Almighty"); and IESB has that whole reliably-underwhelming thing going for them.
Film-ick is the quizzical curmudgeon of movie-blogs. Case in point: most people take Wes Anderson's indulgent hyper-stylistic posturing (Stuck with a shitty script that treats Jacques Cousteau with ironic contempt and doesn't really go anywhere? Get some dude to sing Bowie tunes in Portuguese!) in stride and give him a pass (I don't). You, on the other hand, take the appearance of an understated, kinda nice-looking poster for an upcoming film as a departure point for vitriolic, if almost grandfatherly, criticism. And you should run with it -- as you did, with the Harry Potter speculation.
Semper Fi, brother. Semper Fi.