Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Robert Zemeckis' Christmas Carol

Bob Hoskins has been speaking to Empire and revealed that he's reteaming with Robert Zemeckis for a version of A Christmas Carol. Superb.

Hoskins won't be playing Scrooge, however - he's just gonna be Mr. Fezziwig. The lead role has instead gone to Jim Carrey. The film is going to be created using Zemeckis' beloved performance capture - preumably at Disney, as part of the new set up there.

This might finally be a truly great version of this overfilmed yarn - possibly definitive, and slamming a cork in the bottle before any more mediocre/sub-par rehashes trickle out. Here's hoping, anyway. I'll cross my fingers from now until, oh, I dunno Christmas 2010 or whenever the film is eventually released.

And as I've been reading the Beowulf script this morning, Zemeckis is very much in my good books at the moment (not that I haven't always loved his films).


Harmen said...

Eh? Does that love for Zemeckis also extend to The Polar Express?

...not that i don't love the guy. Back to the Future and even it's sequels are superb films en great examples of how damn fun any movie can be.

Brendon said...

Yes, it does. It is (obviously) a deeply flawed film, but the great things about are truly great. Watch it in 3D for a genuine special event.