Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Singer Shuffle

I think the Bryan Singer situation has shaken out in the most satisfying fashion: first he's doing Valkyrie, then The Mayor of Castro Street and then more Superman.

Kevin Spacey has lined up a six week stretch through next April and May to reprise his role as Lex Luthor.

I'm very, very pleased that the running order has panned out in this fashion. Superman is much less of an unknown quantity for one thing - I'm less patient to see how Valkyrie and Mayor turn out. And, more importantly, this keeps Singer out of the comic book quarter for some time and should shake up the oversimplified image he's been tagged with by many.

According to the same piece, Spacey will also be appearing in a Nick Moran film: Telstar, about the 60s pop star Joe Meek. Well, you win some and you lose some, I suppose. Not everybody can be Bryan Singer.

As a footnote, only Mike Dougherty is named as writing the Superman sequel. What's happened to Dan Harris?


Bobby said...

Surely it's impossible for him to shoot and complete two films between now and next April while also taking care of pre-production on the Superman sequel.

Brendon said...

Try telling that to Mr. Soderbergh. Or Mr. Rodriguez.

Or even that chap Spielberg.

Bobby said...

None of them have ever come close to shooting three films in one year.

I mean, [b]Valkyrie[/b] is going into production sometime in the next few weeks, with filming due to conclude in October. Say he manages to get through post-production on that [i]extremely[/i] quickly and have it finished by November, while at the same time working on pre-production for [b]The Mayor of Castro Street[/b], and begins filming that in November, finishes it in January, and wraps post by February... then he goes straight into pre-production on [b]The Man of Steel[/b], gets through it in two months, and starts shooting in April? There's no way this is happening.

Brendon said...

Well, it seems unlikely. But not impossible.

I expect pre-production on Mayor has been going on for some time. And the post schedule could be delayed.

Anonymous said...

Where does Bryan Singer say he's making the Superman sequel after The Mayor of Castro Street? Where? Just because the new Variety article says that's what is happening doesn't make it true.

Brendon said...

Of course not.

But I would bet on it.