Monday, July 30, 2007


Here's the second of the films made by my students during the OASP Summer Course 2007. This one, Waterwork, is around three minutes long.

I think Cecilia, the director, genuinely has a future in film when she's older - but be patient if you're waiting for her first feature, she's still a couple of years away from going to University. Besides, she might chose to be a lawyer instead. Or a doctor. Or an austronaut.

The whole group did great work and I think you'll enjoy the performances a lot. Remember - these were students aged between 15 and 17 and they had only 15 workshop hours to take their film all the way from conception to completion, learning a lot of theory as well as writing, shooting and editing along the way. They had no previous experience but were expected to really step-up and do the best job possible.

I'm incredibly proud. Leave your constructive criticisms in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

Excellent editing, nice and punchey, good camera positioning.

a couple more takes would have helped to lose the actors laughing, and I'd persoanlly have used a bucket of water at the end not a water pistol ;)

very good, incredibly good really based on the time constraints and ages of those involved.

Brendon said...

The OASP program took place at Somerville College in Oxford. I wish we could have thrown buckets of water around, but we would have been fired out of a cannon for even trying it.

natalie said...

I am proud of you too for leading them in the task.

Anonymous said...

I have a question: if this was done at Oxford, how come everyone in these films has Yank accents?

Oh, and nice job Cecilia!


Brendon said...

The OASP Summer School is for international students. It runs in July of each year, and this was the first year it was based at Somerville. And it was incredible for all involved, students, faculty and other staff.