Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Be Kind, Rewind Stills

Seven gorgeous images from Be Kind, Rewind have been released. Click on any of them to get the high-res version.

And naysayers said Robocop shouldn't be remade. They're eating humble pie now, I can tell you.

[EDIT: Now film ick also have a number of Michel Gondry sketches from the Be Kind, Rewind script, showing scenes and FX ideas]

[EDIT: And even more images direct from the film]


droidguy1119 said...

You linked the pics but not the trailer? Really?

Also worth noting -- the Ed Norton writes Hulk article completely vanished from Cinematical.

Nicolas said...

The second last picture, is it Transformers or King Kong? At first I thought it was Transformers because of the truck mask, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, and the suit says more King Kong... Anyone knows?

Brendon said...

King Kong for sure.