Monday, August 13, 2007

David Slade To Direct Neverwhere

Sorry about the lack of updates/minesweepers. Things are... busy.

David Slade is onboard the big screen version of Neverwhere. Neil Gaiman is to polish up his 2000 draft (which I've never read, hint hint).

I'm not crazy about Hard Candy and, so far at least, fairly sceptical about 30 Days of Night, so I'm hardly performing cartwheels over this news. On the other hand, it might mean Slade won't be able to direct another comics-related film that he's been linked to. This other film - which, no, I can't name - has such a brilliant, brilliant script I'm hoping only a brilliant, brilliant director gets the gig.

Anybody want to represent me? Come on: you and me. We can convince New Line to hand me the reins.

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