Friday, August 03, 2007

Direct Download Links For Full National Treasure 2 Trailer

National Treasure 2 has a splendidly silly plot, and it also has Nicolas Cage, of course, but I'm still expecting to find it rather dull. The Wibberleys are good value for this kind of schlock (not one of my more popular opinions, but I'm sticking to it) but Turteltaub... he has a way of sucking the air out of these big, silly party balloons.

Here's the first full trailer in small, medium and big normal-def and 480p, 720p and 1080p high-def versions.

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Anonymous said...

Was in London round the end of June, and staying right near St. Paul's Cathedral. One rainy morning, we stepped out of the hotel, and walked right into a car scene and surrealy, a large group of priests/pastors or monks, some standing around under the corridors of shops near the cathedral, and some standing out on the stairs, and when I noticed all the equipment,I asked around and they told us it was National Treasure... there was a whisper of Nic Cage being around... thought this baby was done filming already... Reshoots?