Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Direct Download Links For Shine A Light Trailer

Here's the trailer for Martin Scorsese's next, his recently-postponed Rolling Stones documentary Shine a Light. There's a few truly hilarious bits in this clip - the introduction of Scorsese himself will probably keep me laughing until after lunch.

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ocyrus said...

Why do you hate Scorsese so much?
I love your site but can't stand the amount of bashing Marty gets.If you don't respect his work, at least respect the fact that he's one of the nicest and most humble man in Hollywood.

P.S. I saw The Brothers Grimm last week.Terry Gilliam.LOL.

Brendon said...

If you keep reading you'll pick up on why I don't like Marty's films.

What's your problem with Brothers Grimm then?

Mark said...

I'm much more tolerant of Scorcese, and I love the Stones, but even I can see this trailer is funny. It just errs a little bit too closely to the "Hi, I'm Marty DiBergi" side of the rockumentary wall. Which was, in itself, influenced by Scorcese's THE LAST WALTZ, remember.

Let's face it, start treating rock'n'roll seriously, and it starts to seem rather ridiculous. But Jagger is ripe for sending up, and it looks like that's exactly what Scorcese is doing here.

Brendon said...

I bet he isn't.

I bet he's taking this all very seriously.

We'll see when he starts promoting the film.

ocyrus said...

Actually, I've looked at all your posts tagged with Martin Scorsese.And it all leads me to think that Scorsese has done something to you in a previous life.I mean, not liking someone's work is fine(I think Marc Foster is overrated but I don't go bashing him in my own blog).You just seem to wanna hate everything Scorsese does.

Brendon said...

He's consistent in his errors, so I'm bound to be consistent in my crtiticism.

Though... I quite like several things about Kundun. And the music to Taxi Driver is genuinely funny (and, I believe, intentionally so, at least on Herrman's part).

ocyrus said...

Errors?Such as?