Friday, August 24, 2007

The First Episode Of K-Ville Is Streaming Now

Fox are trying to generate intesrest in K-Ville by streaming the entire first episode already. They're using the Move Media Player, which is quite nifthy... when it works.

Want to review the show (or the media player?) on The film ick Fightback? Be my guest. E-mail
for access if you haven't already.

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ndash said...

Have to say i absolutly love your blog/site , you are the 1st stop on my e-day every damn day , sometimes when i wake up and nothing has been updated i am addicted to refreshing your site on a 30 min interval.

anyways the main reason i am posting is a heads up on the kville stream , apparently any 1 from outside the usa cannot view it !!
if some 1 finds a way around that i would be great full to know because that serious looks awesome