Friday, August 17, 2007

Go Go Cirio Santiago

Davis DVD have reported that the R1 US DVD of Death Proof is to feature Quentin Tarantino interviewing Cirio H. Santiago, aka Leonard Hermes. Not only has Santiago directed countless cheap exploitation films - including 20 or so for Roger Corman - he's now the president of the National Cinema Association of the Phillipines.

A whole slew of Santiago's films are clearly Road Warrior derivatives, which may explain the inclusion of the interview on this disc in particular; also important clues, however, would be the films Foxforce (heard that somewhere before?) and The Expendables which has fed, no doubt, into Tarantino's long-gestating Inglorious Bastards.

As if the Death Proof DVD wasn't an absolutely essential purchase already, I think this interview will convince a few more to shell out. Not many at all, of course, but a few nonetheless.


Steve the Sad Elephant said...

The only thing that makes me hesitant to import in a copy of Death Proof is that slight judder inherent in NTSC dvds, which I find quite infuriatingly distracting.

I’ve been wondering for a while, it something you R1 natives notice?

Brendon said...

That judder isn't inherent, as such, but is a result of your combination of player and TV set. And settings.

And maybe if the disc is badly interlaced.

But it isn't always this way.

I'm an R2 native.

Anonymous said...

I'd go watch a FoxForce5 movie but I'm starting to tire of all these exploitation homages Tarantino's been occupying himself with for the last five years.

Kill Bill and Grindhouse were both entertaining but he's just recycling other peoples old ideas and refilming them with a contemporary cast.

Inglorious Bastards will be no different...yet another highly entertaining homage to films we've already seen.