Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Digital Dent

I've been told by a rock-solid source that Cinesite in London are to be handling the CG FX for Two Face in The Dark Knight, with their work due to start in earnest in November. I mention this just so you know it isn't an entirely make-up based look.

[EDIT: Actually, my source has read this published post and told me, actually, it's Framestore CFC and I 'misinterpreted their clues' to the FX house. My mistake, and quite a dumb one, really. I could explain the confusion in how I thought they meant one and not the other, but they asked me not to, as it might just reveal who they are...]

But why not make-up, I wonder? The only solid reasons I can think of are all mouth-based - teeth showing through a wound, maybe, or impossible mouth movements. But I don't know for sure. Hopefulyl more info will be forthcoming.

Cinesite are, frankly, brilliant and have a great back catlogue of work - from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory through The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to Hot Fuzz.

[EDIT: And Framestore CFC are similarly excellent, if not more so. Their work on Children of Men is amongst the greatest FX work ever completed. As well as the digital Dent they'll also be creating the virtual set extensions for the Hong Kong scenes and some CG stand-in Batmen]


Anonymous said...

Ah, you wouldn't say nice things about Framestore if you knew 'em.. but Cinesite are very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if they're nice or not? As long as the quality of the work is good the news is good.

Anonymous said...

Two Face has always been my favorite Bat-villain... BUT I'm a little wary about Nolan introducing him so quickly -- I'd rather just have Harvey Dent in this one, and (going with Goyer's supposed original "outline" for the trilogy) have Dent not fully become Two Face until the 3rd Batman film.

Is this a studio mandate, I'm wondering? In any case, I hope it's only a few titillating minutes towards the end of the film...

Anonymous said...

If he's going to Two Face, I'd rather him be scarred at the end of the second act, his transformation a subplot of Act 3. That way, by the end of act 2, Joker has done something nasty to each member of the triumvirate. Batman loses his car, possibly Rachel which is a shared loss with Harvey who also loses his looks. Gordon, I think, will lose a son or possibly his wife will be shot a la The Killing Joke. I believe the last act will involve Gordon being tortured by Joker and Batman racing to save him. Harvey will urge Batman to kill the Joker, Gordon will be the voice of reason and stop him. That's my speculation.

As a side note, I hope the effects on Harvey aren't too expensive, I'd rather the studio not have the ability to buy too much control.

Anonymous said...

The digital might be for one of two things: 1.) For when the acid is thrown on his face (that idea was taken from Comicbookmovies.com) or 2.)As a way to get the look just right instead of putting someone through hours of experimenting in. Just an idea.