Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little J

Aardman are producing a 52 part cartoon series called Little J in which an animated version of Jamie Oliver as a ten year old meets some anthropomorphic foodstuffs and learns about cooking. Looks like he's got a standard issue Aardman mouth and a chopper bike rather than a magic torch and a fringeful dog but the comparisons are inevitable.

You know, this could be like that Dudley Moore talking piano rubbish... or it could be rather good indeed. Shaun the Sheep was brilliant, Creature Comforts is regularly great and, judging from the clip I saw online, The Presentators are very funny too - so, basically, Aardman have a very good TV series track record and at 11 minutes per epsiode, that's 571 minutes in total and potentially a very good DVD bargain somewhere down the line.

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