Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Look At Learners

The DVD cover for Learners has appeared, as you can see above. This is the first film written by Jessica Hynes, nee Stevenson and starring her alongside Dr. Who David Tennant. Don't forget that she wrote a lot of the best stuff in Spaced. This isn't as high profile as Hot Fuzz but, personally, I'm every bit as excited to see it.

Note the 01632 number on the car door. That's the UK equivalent of the 555 area code in the US.

As the DVD is released on September 24th I'd expect the film to air on BBC1 between September 21st and 23rd.


Mark said...

This is a new TV series, not a film. Looks cool.

Brendon said...

A one-off movie to premiere on TV, I believe.

Like the new Highlander and Stir of Echoes sequels - tee and indeed hee.