Monday, August 27, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Airhole Blunt Edition

- Rich Johnston linked to my big Superman story, so the least I can do is send you to his Dark Knight spoiler. It's at the bottom almost, and in invisotext. Way way down, well past the sad story about DC not coming to an agreement with Neil Gaiman for a new Sandman miniseries. Which sucks.

- Eliza Dushku has been given the golden handcuffs at Fox. Which means, essentially, she'll be in loads of pilots and a few full series that are pulled off the air after just two or three episodes.

- Life of Brian is coming to Blu-Ray and not HD-DVD this November. There will also be a SD DVD release. Extra features will include two commentary tracks, a new documntary and an illustrated readthrough of an early draft. Superb.

- War Monkeys is an upcoming black comedy horror actioner from Dark Horse Indie, a one man versus an army of trained Rhesus monkeys yarn. if this one is turned around at the blistering pace of My Name Is Bruce or Driftwood we should be seeing it in... 2011 or so.

- David Duchovny has read the script to second X-Files movie. He's not saying more, just that he's read it.

- Paul Giamattis based his performance in Shoot 'Em Up on Karl Rove.

- Sony have snapped up all rights to Kevin Bray's Linewatch. It's a gang drama starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

- Jesse Metcalfe is to star in The Other End of the Line, a romantic comedy that will pair an Indian Call Centre operative with a young lad from San Francisco. No idea what he does for a living. Director James Dodson is also the screenwriter of The Omen 2 - the new version, the sequel to the remake.

- Outpost Gallifrey, the big Dr. Who website, is closing down after eleven years of solid geekitude.

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Anonymous said...

So on 25 December I shall be celebrating the birth of Brian by watching his life story in full and glorious HD. Sounds good.