Thursday, August 02, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Belle, Sebastian And Singing Ringing Tree Edition

- Jim Broadbent, Miranda Richardson and Mark Strong have been announced as additional cast members for Young Victoria. Three out of three.

- The Comic-Con trailer for new Futuruma is up at YouTube.

- Michael Imperioli has been cast as Detective Len Fenerman in The Lovely Bones. It's a good part - spoiler alert! - partly as he gets to have an affair with Rachel Weisz' character, the mother of our deceased narrator.

- Shrek 4 - hopefully the final installment of the perennially dreadful franchise - has been given a May 2009 release slot.

- McG has three projects set up at Warners, under his new three-year, first-look deal, and one of them sounds particularly promising. There's a remake of Yucatan, a spy film and Nightcrawlers, written by Michael Arndt - Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine's scriptwriter. That's definitely the one I'm most excited to see. The premise is not entirely dissimilar to a 'rejected' early premise for Monsters Inc. - a grown man is reunited with childhood imaginary friends who assist him conq
uering his literal-slash-figurative demons. Also of much interest to film ick is Phil Alden Robinson's involvement in the spy film, for which he is currently writing the script, because, simply, I think he's great.

- Universal have nabbed the rights to a set of spy novels by Daniel Silva. Pierre Morel has been tagged to direct the first, The Messenger.

- Slate's Explainer has taken a look at the semi-science in one snippet of Sunshine.

- George Lopez is in talks to produce, co-write and star in Bones Family. The plot is about a dysfunctional family on a roadtrip to Vegas.

- Warp X have named Smita Bhide, Miranda Bowen, Corinna Faith and Juliet McKoen as the directors of their Darklight films, cheap horror films to be shot digitally. Bhide's film is about an arranged marriage (gone even more wrong than they are typically shown to, but the sound of things); Bowen's is about corporate misogyny; Faith's is a satire on consumerism; and McKoen is dealing with extreme sports.

- Across the Universe has been programmed into Toronto, but the released info doesn't specify if we'll be seeing the director's cut or Joe Roth's hacked up version.

- China's Censors have banned Rush Hour 3, citing expected poor performance as their reason. Firstly, it's bound to do well; secondly, it makes me shudder to see that as a criterion applied by a censorship board.

- John Singleton has taken over Tulia now that Carl Franklin has moved on, and Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton have been cast as the leads.

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