Saturday, August 25, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Clubcard Statement Creases Edition

- Roger Ebert has spilled all about the THUMBS controversy to Harry Knowles. Essentially, Ebert and Disney are in negotiations over the TV show and Ebert is using the copyrighted THUMBS (his caps) as a bargaining chip.

- Kevin Smith is to direct an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

- John Singleton has been involved in a fatal car accident. He hit a jaywalker who was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital. Singleton did all as required by the law: he stopped and identified himself and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No idea why Jeffrey Wells is calling it a Hit and Run. That might land him in trouble.

- The double dip DVD release of Martin Campbell's Casino Royale - due when Bond 22 is hitting cinemas - will likely come on three discs, feature two discs of supllements and an audio commentary on the film. Can all of this be squeezed onto a single Blu-Ray platter? You bet.

- IESB are retracting on their JLA mo-cap story somewhat. Now they're saying that only some underwater sequences and the OMAC characters will be created this way, and that the rest of the film will be plain old live action. Rather incredibly they also claim that Tom Welling has been asked to play Superman. He's the Smallville Superman. This is all rather bizarre because, actually, IESB seemed to be right on the money with the original story and a lot of secondary and tertiary sources seemed to suggest that yes, indeed this was to be a motion capture project. Now... who knows? It's all up in the air a little because of what may be nothign more than a raft of misinformation. While I suspect this Tom Welling plan might have been an old thought on the part of the producers I doubt very, very much that he'll actually end up in the role, not least because the shooting schedule clashes with Smallville's. All I'm confident in saying now, however, is that George Miller is going to direct this film.

- A special edition Pumpkinhead DVD is in the works.

- A well-circulated announcement of special features for The Simpsons Movie on DVD is full of half-truths and lies. A commentary from J D Salinger? A version of the film in the dodgy animation style of the Tracy Ullman Show bumpers? A rude visual commentary in which all of the characters have pensises doodled onto them? Lies! Somebody should tell JoBlo that this comes from a spoof page.

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