Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Dog's Dandy Get Up Edition

- Want to be just like John Cusack in High Fidelity? Start by saying something weird and obsessive to your partner, then go over to The Guardian's website and net yourself a free download of Radio Nowhere, a track from Bruce Springsteen's upcoming album Magic.

- A new Cinderella story book has been released with the illustrations selected from Mary Blair's conceptual art for the Disney cartoon. If you don't know who Mary Blair is then you've never been to the pub with me: her design style is a right proper film ick favourite. According to Cartoon Brew two more books dressed in her wonderful artwork are due over the next 24 months - Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

- Kevin Smith won't be directing an episode of Battlestar Galactica after all. Ronald D. Moore broke the news on the SciFi forums, citing a 'scheduling conflict'.

- Tyler Man fancies a go at Thor.

- Tim Minear (hurrah!) and Todd Holland (bigger hurrah!) are teaming up for Miracle Man, a Fox production for ABC. With Fox only putting the show together and not screening it, this might be the first Minear project in a very long time to last an entire season or - dare I say it - even more. Minear has described this as 'a love letter to the religious', which might not appeal to a large group of readers but, frankly, with this kind of talent involved, I'm incredibly excited to see this series.

- The Goods: The Don Ready Story is a badly titled vehicle for Jeremy Piven. He's to play a used car salesman called in to save a struggling dealership over one frantic Fourth of July weekend. The Chappelle Show's Neal Brennan is directing and, hopefully, trying to cook up a better title.

- The original Halloween is being reissued again, this time with the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror documentary. There's even to be a HMV exclusive release totalling four discs and loaded with extra extras. That's just the sort of thing I'd buy if money were no object but I simply can't prioritise on my DVD wishlist.

- Corey Haim may not be in the Lost Boys sequel after all. All together now: aaawwwww wadda shaaaaaame. Apparently he's not permitted to travel between the US and Canada freely (what has he done to bring that about?) and the film is to shoot in Vancouver. Can't they do his bits on a greenscreen stage or something? Or will we be blessed only with Feldman this time around?

- Oh... maybe not just Feldman. Jason Patric might be along too. Oh - and Jamison Newlander. Whoever that is.

- The story is this: Fast and Furious 4 is to bring back many character from the previous three installments. Fact or fiction? You decide. I'd call it Fast and Four-ious, myself. I mean - why not?

- Jeff Fahey has joined Jermey Davies, Lance Reddick, Rebecca Mader and Ken Leung amongst the new recruits for the next season of Lost.

- Harry Potter spin-offs under discussion include both a musical and a charity book for Comic Relief 2009.

- The 'Dwayne Johnson' Rock has been cast in Andy Fickman's Witch Mountain rehash.

- Angelina Jolie has now signed to appear in The Topkapi Affair with Pierce Brosnan. Apparently.

- Parker and Stone have signed a deal to keep new episodes of South Park coming for three more years.

- Robert Downey Jr. has been cast in The Soloist, Joe Wright's Oscar factory about Jamie Foxx's schizophrenic, homeless violin virtuoso. Downey is playing a real life LA Times columnist called Steve Lopez. In actuality, Lopez looks a little more like John Ratzenberger. Maybe.

- As expected, the DVD release of High School Musical 2 has an extra song and dance number in it. This move is possibly even more cynical than you may suppose because the tune they removed is one we see two characters rehearse and rehearse but never perform 'properly'.

- Skypath and Outside are two thrillers now set up at Overture Films under producer Lawrence Bender. Skypath is a plane-based version of Duel (yawn) and Outside is a supernatual spooker about a house containing a portal to 'a past dimension' - which I take to mean 'the past'.

- Harvey Pekar was on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations last night and has created a comic to commemorate. Better (?) still, Bourdain's turned his hand to comic scripting too.

- The classic arcade game Joust has been adapted into a feature film script, The story is apparently set in a near future Las Vegas where all of the casinos and hotels are floating in the sky. One of the film's producers has pitched it as "Gladiator meets Mad Max" - suspiciously sidestepping the entire floating ostrich element.

- Starship Troopers is being talked up as a worthy successor to the first film. I do hope so.


Anonymous said...

The Jeremy Piven movie sounds an awful lot like "August Blow-Out", a script in a similar vein to Anchorman and Taladega Nights that Adam McKay and Will Ferrel wrote around the beginning of the decade. My guess is it would be considered too similar to their other two movies together so they've pawned it off on Piven and Brennen, who are no slouches themselves. The script excerpts from AICN several years ago are HILARIOUS, so hopefully it hasn't been re-written too extensively, more to taylor to Piven.


Stacey said...

Jamison Newlander was 'Alan Frog' in the original "Lost Boys" eon's ago. I like hearing he's back for this sequel in spite of the fact it makes my tummy rumble when sequels are done for films that don't need one.