Monday, August 20, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Dropped Card Edition

- Rich Johnston has reviewed In Search of Steve Ditko and has made it sound quite special.

- So Dreamworks and Paramount have gone HD-DVD exlusive... except on films directed by Steven Spielberg. Well, that's just great. Films I can guarantee I don't want on Blu-Ray, I can get on Blu-Ray. This move has basically ensured a never-ending format war that will prevent any of these next gen discs catching on with the public. I guess I should start getting used to the idea of downloading my movies now.

- Oh, and do note that the studios have been paid - yep, flat out paid - by the HD-DVD camp to compensate them for this support. What a swizz. That's the studios selling you out, folks. Buy HD-DVD and you're subsidising this subterfuge.

- Tom Savini has a role in the Lost Boys sequel.

- James Dowdeswell has answered Chortle's 20 Questions.

- W. Peter Illif is to make his directorial debut with Loaded, all about a pair of FBI agents, one chap, one lass, he's addicted to drugs, she's addicted to sex.

- The inaugral ITV Movie Awords are to screen this September. The key nominees have been selected purely on the basis of box office performance but the winners will be selected by public vote.

- Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston have signed to star in Marley and Me for director David Frankel. I though Shaun Levy was already announced as having the gig, but there you go. That's life. Personally, I'd take Levy over Frankel any day of the week but neither inspires much admiration in me, I have to admit. I like the writer, though - Scott Frank is apparently penning this. How odd.

- Takashii Miike is adapting the romantic sci-fi novel Kamisama no Puzzle, or God's Puzzle. It tells the story of twins who manufacture their own univers

- A truck accident on the set of Valkyrie resulted in the injury of eleven extras.

- The Iron Man comic-con footage is to be released online, in HD. Stay tuned, because I'll be scraping out the direct download link.

- Kristen Bell has been cast in Heroes. There are rumblings that she's only around for season 2. I do hope so, because she deserves some really good roles in some really good films. Come on really good filmmakers - do the really good thing.

- Oleysa Rulin has a role in Steve Miner's Major Movie Star.

- The old story about Star Trek shooting in Iceland has been confirmed.

- Matt Damon has denied that he and Ben Affleck are currently working on another script.

- Jason Biggs and Lizzy Ca
plan have joined the line-up for Bachelor No. 2.

- More James Bond shooting locations have come to light. They tell us very little.

- Hackers are playing DVDs on their Wiis. I wish Nintendo would just update the firmware via WiiConnect24 and unlock the functionality for everyone.

- Universal have acquired the rights to Lone Survivor, a patriotic, conservative military memoir, and Peter Berg is to write and direct.

- In the words of Nicole Kidman, the film version of The Golden Compass has been 'watered down'. We all knew it - but it was a shock to hear her admit it. Note that she's Catholic and this statement was almost certainly meant to keep those certain factions worried about 'blasphemy' happy.

- Irvine Welsh is writing the screenplay for a film adaptation of Alan Warner's The Man Who Walks while John Hodge continues trying to successfully adapt Welsh's Trainspotting sequel Porno.


David said...

I dislike having to point out the obvious, but Sony have been paying people off for years to use their format, wether hardware or media. Please try and refrain from making such biased comments about something so trivial : (

Brendon said...

David, I'm no fan of Sony and I'd certainly not be caught dead with a PS£ or PSP or any of their dodgy laptops, and yes, I know they pay people off all the time.

The difference is, Paramount and Dreamworks have now just taken a bung to ensure the format war remains an ongoing concern and, in effect, meant that neither of the next-gen disc formats has any chance of market dominance.

They sold out nay hope I might have of collecting a high-def disc library and pretty much forced the market into confusion and struggle until a download model takes hold.