Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Grave Digger Edition

- The 1-18-08 website has been updated to include a sound effect. Sit around a while and the page will roar at you. Explains where the site wnet for a few hours, anyway. I suppose most people are imagining this monster to be some kind of reptile, or at least an amphibian of some kind... but what if Reeves, Goddard and Abrams have plumped for some kind of mammal. That'd be fun.

- Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, writers of Peep Show and Magicians, are reportedly collaborating with Chris Morris on a little something. Of course, absolutely nothing is known of the project at all. Is it Morris' comedy drama about young Muslims in England?

- Bubba Nosferatu is dead. And who killed it? Bruce Campbell.

- John Ridley is scripting Red Tails, George Lucas' pet project about Tuskagee Airmen. Who is to direct? Will Lucas offer this one to David Lynch too? Ahem.

- Filming on Tropic Thunder is continuing despite Owen Wilson's hospitalisation. Has the role been recast? The schedule rejigged? The script rewritten?

- Bruce Willis is taking the lead in Oliver Stone's Pinkville, a no doubt controversial and over-stylised piece of baroque drama about the My Lai massacre.

Time to eat. Back soon.

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Steve the Sad Elephant said...

Very upsetting news about Bubba — I can't even begin to think of a replacement for The Chin... (although slap a wig on Reggie Bannister...)