Monday, August 06, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The I've Just Had A Haircut Edition

Weta, Darkchylde, Inglorious Bastards, Vinnie Jones, The Hollow Man, Terror Train becomes Train, See You in September, Tamara Tunie.

- Weta are contributing to a film of
Darkchylde, from a comic not many seem to have heard of. The piece at AintItCool seems to find such wildly various films as Carrie and Alien of a piece and describes Underworld as sexy, so I'm quite concerned about this one. And the first piece of preproduction art is, frankly, naff. But we'll see.

- Vinnie Jones is telling the world that he's in Inglorious Bastards. The news comes via AintItCool, who got it va Piers Morgan's blog at The Daily Mail, so take it with a pinch of salt if you must but, personally, I think it's legit. There's no sign of it being made up at all. Just sounds like an innocent bit of gossip.

- A Hollow Man director's cut is coming but, just like the Mimic SE I told you about the other day, don't expect to see this straighten out the director's complaints. The Hollow Man will feature more footage, but the studio interference to the script and shooting can't be so easily undone. I saw the link at Cinematical.

- The Terror Train remake is now just Train and, apparently, it isn't even a remake any more. A whole new film with a very different plot. More like a very belated sequel with no continued characters or situations, maybe? Good to know Thora Birch does her own stunts.

- Actress Tamara Tunie is directing See You in September. The interesting premise is a bout a woman who feels on the edge of a breakthrough in therapy who finds her therapist is going on holiday for a month; to maintain momentum, she organises group sessions for the other 'abandoned' clients. if I made this film it would conclude that, actually, most people in therapy don't need it and a good, friendly relationship will do the job just as well if not better.

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