Friday, August 17, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Marrow Chew Edition

Has everybody calmed down from the excitement of those Dark Knight photos yet? Some sites have pulled them, others have kept them up. Confirms the stories about fake Batmen I'd been offering you, at least, eh?

Here's a load of Movie Minesweeper linkage for you

- Scarlett Johanssen is about to get very busy. Coming up first of all she has He's Just Not The Into You, the Crashnolia Cuts of romcoms, then a turn as Silk N Floss, accomplice to The Octopus in The Spirit. Finally, she'll be Mary Queen of Scots. And then, should the strike happen, she'll have some time off.

- Scorses is rumoured to have ditched plans to direct Frankie Machine. If the script survives and passes to another (better) director, then fine. If not, then... yah booh sucks.

- Angelina Jolie has been playing with guns and expensive cars again, and Just Jared have pictures from the set of Wanted to prove it.

- A snap of Daniel Craig as James Bond at the Palio has turned up online. Apparently it originates at USA Today but I'll be blown if I can find it there. What a retro camera he has. [EDIT: C'mere. And there's more]

- There's a trailer for Harold and Kumar 2 on YouTube.

- Garrett Hedlund is to star in Richard Wright's in-debt-to-the-mob farce Hectic.

- Fox Atomic have gone for Nick Kurzon's Spending My Inheritance pitch. The plan is to team an upcoming comedian with a veteran star in the key roles of son and father. The son is dismayed to find that his formally frugal dad is now living it up and spending his life savings - cash that junior had been counting on inheriting.

- Due for release next Autumn, Disney's first Platinum title on Blu-Ray is to be Sleeping Beauty, which is set to employ BD-Live functions and feature some kind of 'virtual castle'. Their first BD-Live title, however, is to be National Treasure, in the Spring. And Disney are also set to release Blu-Ray special editions of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Finding Nemo. Both of these are to include picture-in-picture special features.

- An extended cut of Transformers is to be released to IMAX screens on September 21st.

- Peter Greenaway has been awarded funds from the Netherlands Film Fund for his documenatary J'Accuse, a sister project to Nightwatching.

- PJ Soles has joined the cast of Alone in the Dark II. I hope it deserves her.

- Dread Central have run an image from The Cottage. I first saw it in this month's Total Film but I can't exactly link to a printed page, though I very often wish I could.

- Possible 1-18-8 spoiler material has surfaced, and I'm about to share it so skip ahead if you're 'one of those'. Not only is there one big monster laying waste to the city of New York, there's lots of little ones too. They've been compared to the raptors in Jurassic Park.

- Another Neil Gaiman scoop at MTV and hopefully, this one is more accurate than the last. They claim that Gaiman is keen to ressurect The Fermata, a project he and Robert Zemeckis started work on some years ago. It's based upon Nicholson Baker's virtually pornographic novel of the same name and would require some very good special effects to work properly as it centres around a man capable of stopping time (and then, when time is stopped, undressing frozen women for his selfish gratification).

- Long River Seven or Yangtze River Seven became A Hope and now, after another change, the official US title for Stephen Chow's next is CJ7.

Time for a breather.

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