Friday, August 31, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The More Than I Could Ever Imagine Edition

- AintitCool have an interesting series of rumours about the new Star Trek film. Of course, I doubt very much they're rumours at all and pretty much reveal the plans for the movie. It's interesting stuff, sure, but also rather overcomplex and quite exclusive.

- In other Trek news: has Zoe Saldana been offered the role of Uhura? Maybe. Maybe not.

- Dev Patel has been cast as the lead in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire.

- Jonas Elmer's Chilled in Miami is collecting cast members, with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. so far aboard.

- Japan now have a law that makes recording with a camcorder in the cinema illegal. At last.

- BBC3 is to get a Friday Night Live style variety show.

- I've already bemoaned the fact that Stuart Beattie is writing the Gi Joe movie - that anybody is writing it is bad enough - but now, Variety have made the news 'official'. Amusing to see a film set in Brussels with a Scots villain and an all-American hero, though. They've got their work cut out for them just making this one anything but a target of international derision and hatred (but... then again, I said that about Die Hard 4).

- No Goonies sequel but an animated series instead? Sounds more likely.

- Is there another Dune movie in the works? Very possibly. I saw the link at Chud.

- Family Guy is to be available for download to X-Boxes. Sounds about right. They're both low-quality imitations.

- Rodrigo Garcia is writing and will direct the English language remake of Live-In Maid. have any of you been lucky enough to see the original? What's it like?

- Jim Belushi is to produce, direct and star in The Catch. If that doesn't sound dull enough through implication, here's the premise to finish the job off: "a 42 year old returns to school and plays college football".

- Billy Bob Thornton, Brandon Routh, Ashley Olson, Lou Taylor Pucci and Kim Basinger have been cast in The Informers. Gregor Jordan is directing, and the source material is a series of Brett Easton Ellis short stories about vampires, rock stars and movie execs. The stories are set in 1983 and, for the purposes of the film at least, are intertwined.

- Another daffy JLA casting rumour has popped up at IESB. This time, they're alleging that Mel Gibson, leonardo DiCaprio and Bruce Willis will take the roles of Maxwell Lord, Aquaman and Lex Luthor. Yes - Bruce Willis as Lex Luthor. This stuff is brilliant, if only about 1% likely to be accurate. Gotta love a good rumour though, don't you? The crazier the better.

- The Academy (which Academy? The obvious one) are suing to block the sale of some Oscar statuettes originally awarded to Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers. They have an inbuilt clause that allows them first refusal on any statuette sale - at a preice of $10 a pop.

- The upcoming Anna Faris vehicle House Bunny isn't House Bunny any more. Now it's I Know What Boys Like.

- The saga of the delicious Red camera system continues, and as the roll out begins in earnest, things are getting really exciting.

- Ronny Cox, Nicole Ari Parker and DeRay Davis have joined the cast of NowhereLand as the boss, estranged wife and therapist fried of Eddie Murphy's character respectively. Somehow, while I know this won't be all I want it to be, I'm cautiously optimistic for at least a decent night's entertainment with this one.

- Pete Docter's SplineCast interview is now online. Feed your iPod, your ears and your moviemind. Still not enough? There's a Gary Rydstrom interview up for grabs too.

- The Drinky Crow Show has been picked up for a whole season. I saw the link at The Beat.

- David Letterman has agreed to be on Oprah. September 10th is the day to mark off in your calendar.

- You can download an audio commentary by John August for his film The Nines right now, and take it with you to the cinema. There are M4a and Mp3 versions. August also offers a series of guidelines to make the most of this track.

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