Saturday, August 25, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The One Two Three Seven Edition

Slow. News. Night.

But I have time to update, so I will.

- Nicolas Cage is seriously considering the role of Magnum in the movie adaptation.
Apparently. Or not.

- I'd noticed that it had fallen of the radar, but the death of the Sky TV remake of The Prisoner has now been confirmed. Sad that they feel the need for a US production partner at all - the BBC don't for Dr. Who now, do they? I saw the link at AintItCool.

- Rob Nelson has been fired from Minnesota's City Pages. Ultimately this will be revealed to be, basically, their loss.

- Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are to tour together. Both have strong ties to the film industry, of course - I won't condescend you to join the dots regarding Dylan but theres a couple of Costello-related movies not to forget. His original songs for Grace of My Heart are corkers (though perhaps not up to the standards of real Carole King compositions) and Neil LaBute's use of Elvis' songs as bridges in The State of Things untapped some potential of a new approach to soundtracking.

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