Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Revised Addition Edition

- Carla Gugino has been cast as Sally Jupiter in Watchmen. Definitely a step in the right direction. The story was reportedly broken in The Hollywood Reporter, but I can't find it anywhere on their site , so I have to offer you Superhero Hype's second hand account in lieu.

- Zak Penn has confirmed that Edward Norton has picked up the pen for The Incredible Hulk. What an odd turn of events.

- Anton Yelchin has been cast as Chekov. No, not the interesting one, the one in Star Trek. This has confused Trekkers as Chekov wasn't onboard the Enterprise for it's earliest voyages, so far assumed to be the background for this film. So either continuity is getting a skewing or this is later-voyage Trek - or maybe it's Trek rooted at Starfleet Academy, which sounds like a contradiction in terms to me.

- Kevin Graham Ogilvie has been cast in Repo! He's the lead singer in Skinny Puppy, which might give clues as to which musical direction this 'filmed opera' is to take.

- Juan Felipe Orozco is to direct the American remake of his haunted house film Al Final del Espectro, with Nicole Kidman set to star. Alarmingly, Fernley Phillips is writing the script. He wrote The Number 23. Badly.

- Steve Coogan has been cast as Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. Father Ted and Little Britain vet Declan Lowney is to direct. If you don't know who Eddie is, he's infamous for being a really bad Olympic ski-jump contestant. He may have been the UK's first contender, but he came bottom of the heap. And he had - and possibly still has - the kind of 'tache I'm dying to see on Coogan. Again.

- The Adrienne Shelley foundation has been launched just ahead of the UK release of Waitress. The foundation aims to help women realise 'their filmmaking dreams'. In a similar piece of news, General Motors and The Women in Film folk have announced the second their second annual 'acceleration grant' for women filmmakers.

- Thmas Haden Church has been added to the cast list of Nowhereland.

- Look at that again: American Dog appears to have had it's name changed to Bolt. Bad idea, I think.

- Sony are to distribute Sarah Gavron's film of Brick Lane in both North and South America.

- Is Ben Kingsley going to play Davros in the next series of Dr. Who? Apparently not, not really. But the idea was funny.

- An update at Superhero Hype (them again) suggests that Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's Ant Man is still very much in the works, that Andrew Marlowe is writing the Nick Fury film and that David Self is writing Captain America.

- There's to be a Jonny Quest movie, with Dan Mazeau currently carving out a screenplay.

- We've known for months that Fred Willard is in Wall-E (in live action, no less) but now, we also know that Jeff Garlin will be too. Will he only be a voice, or will his flesh be required also?


Daily P.O.P. said...

Edgar Wright on Ant man could be interesting, probably similar to the current 'Irredeemable Ant Man' Comic by Robert Kirkamn.

And who didn't realize that Kingsley was NOT Davros?? It's just too... he just wasn't about to play Davros is all.

Maybe it'll allow Classic Series actor Terry Malloy a chance at the role on TV again.

The Kingsley rumor certainly kicked up some dust on the likelihood with fandom online!

And where is the talk of Paul McGann returning for a multi-Doctor story before Tennant leaves??

Anonymous said...

I'm glad something good is coming out of "Waitress", because the movie was absolute dreck. The director's death, of course, is a tragedy, and I wish it had never happened, but I feel the fact that the movie is simply awful is overlooked. It's great that she got it made and out there, and it's great that there's a foundation being set up, though.