Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Selfscription Edition

Cloverfield, John August, The Nines, Ian McKellen, 1906, Pixar, Brad Bird, Death Race, PJ Hogan, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Speed Racer, Lars and the Real Girl, Ed Harris, Dr. Katz on DVD, Clint Eastwood, Grace is Gone, David Koepp, Spider-Man 4, Coraline, Heroes, Casablanca, Ezham Mudra, Derren Brown, Kristen Bell, Lost, Netflix hackers, Carla Gugino in Watchmen - again, Twilight Zone: The Movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

- NYMag have a call sheet that seems to reveal not only that Cloverfield/Overnight/Colossus/1-18-08 has wrapped but also how the film concludes. Maybe.

- John August is sharing lots of his technical decisions from the making of The Nines.

- Ian McKellen is back in Wellington, and intends to spend a night in Bag End.

- According to Jim Hill, Brad Bird's historical earthquake epic 1906 is in development at Pixar, not elsewhere. They suggest that the film will 'liberally mix live action and CG' - with emphasis on the live action, as I understand it, particularly 1906.

- Ian McShane is playing a driving coach in Death Race. (We also learn in the same piece that Joan Allen's character is a prison governess, and the organiser of the deadly chase, and that Statham's Frankenstein begins as an inmate of that same prison).

- Milo Ventimiglia quite fancies the role of Robin, Batman's sidekick. Not that there is a role of Robin - not yet, anyway.

- PJ Hogan - a film ick favourite - is said to be directing a film adaptation of Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic. The book is set in London, the film...? Looks like New York City.

- The Speed Racer game for Wii and DS will be timed to coincide with the film's cinematic release, team Playstation will have to wait for the time of the DVD release.

- Defamer have a clip from Lars and the Real Girl.

- Ed Harris tried to take a knife onto a plane at Heathrow. Asked to empty his pockets, he reportedly became angry. He was held by police for several hours.

- The entire Dr. Katz is headed to DVD this November.

- Clint Eastwood has offered to record a new score for Grace is Gone. Yep - he liked the film so much he wants to bang out some tunes for it. Max Richter's score, still currently being used at early screenings of the film, is for the scrap heap before the general release. Now, I'm hoping both options will be present on the DVD at the very least - what if Eastwood's score is not as good as Richter's?

- David Koepp is definitely not writing Spider-Man 4. Good.

- The manufacture of three very special Coraline puppets is being detailed online. Neil Gaiman shared the link.

- This week's Heroes online comic isn't a comic at all, but an animated cartoon.

- Casablanca is being remade. This new Indian film, Ezham Mudra is to be set in Sri Lanka and deal with the Tamil seperatists.

- Derren Brown has talked with Ken Plume, and discussed the Seven Safety Tips For Dealing With Derren Brown.

- Kristen Bell appears to be joing the cast of Lost.

- The Netflix DRM for downloads has been compromised by hackers.

- The Carla Gugino/Watchmen story has appeared on the Hollywood Reporter's website. At last.

- The only extra on the Twilight Zone: The Movie DVD is a trailer for the film. What a terrible shame.

- Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Nia Vardalos and Gary Goetzman are suing Gold Circle Films, financiers of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The claim is that Gold Circle has denied the plaintiffs atheir fair share of profits.

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