Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Ten To Be Won Every Day Edition

- Morgan Freeman thinks James McAvoy overacts.

- Zhang Ziyi is negotiating a role in Peter Chan's film of Waiting, a national Book Award winning novel by Ha Jin.

- Cinematical have a premiere look at the Rendition one sheet, if you consider that worth a click.

- Jon Bon Jovi is producing the film adaptation of Jessica Blank's kids novel Almost Home.

- Mitsubishi are claiming that their Blu-Ray player wil convert movies into 3D on the fly. Too good to be true? Maybe not.

- William Finkelstein has written Bad Lieutenant '08, a rehash of Abel Ferrera's Bad Lieutenant (1992).

- David Goyer has confirmed that most of the characters in Super Max are third-tier DC villains. He's also let on that Magneto is set in Argentina and Europe.

- Vincenzo Natali's superb, superb, superb Nothing is finally getting released in France. I imported my DVD from Canada, and unless you're French or Canadian, I suggest you do the same thing too.

- YouTube Superstar The Teen USA Miss South Carolina wants to be an animator and VFX artist for movies and television. I saw the link at Cartoon Brew.

- Anthony Minghella is acting in Atonement, with a cameo role as an interviewer.

- The next film version of The Illustrated Man is to be produced by Frank Darabont and directed by Zack Snyder. I'd have been happier if that was the other way around. Alex Tse is writing the screenplay.

- Soenke Wortmann is to inherit Pope Jone from Volker Schlondorff. Where Schlondorff was not, Wortmann's clearly okay with Constantin's split-cut strategies, creating an extended, TV mini-series as well as a theatrical cut of each of their projects.

- Sadly, Owen Wilson has pulled out of Tropic Thunder. Everybody's loss, I'm afraid, but completely understandable at the moment. Also very sadly it is alleged that Steve Coogan has played a very disappointing part in the whole affair.

- Marshall Uzzle and Perry Fair's supernatural thriller screenplay The Fourth Horseman has been set up at Intrepid where, this being the American movie industry, F. Paul Benz and Steve Tomlin have been hired to rewrite it.

- Yet another big name on the He's Just Not Into You credit roll: Ben Affleck.

- The Wall Street sequel Money Never Sleeps is still on the cards. I saw the link at IGN.

- Rob Zombie has a fresh two picture deal with Dimension.

- Real details about the upcoming Simpsons Movie DVD have been leaked.

- Billy Boyd, Jessica Pare, Melanie Laurent and Justin Bartha are starring in Jennifer Delovedere's Shoe at Your F
oot. The film will be in French and English.

- AintItCool have posted a Dark Knight set picture that is rather spoilery. That's not Batman, by the way, but one of his impostors. The impostors I've been going on about for months now.

- Christopher and Danny Masterson are to star in Daryl Goldberg's Made For Each Other. Bijou Phillips, Sam Levine, George Segal and Patrick Warburton also appear.

- John Goodman will be the voice of Paul Bunyan in the new CG movie Bunyan & Babe, to be directed by Jim Rygiel, Lord of the Rings FX man. On the upside, Clement and LaFrenais have worked on the script; on the downside, Eddie Griffin also has a role... as... jeez... Babe the Blue Ox.

- CommanderBond have gathered all of the recent Bond 22 bits and pieces to have spilled from the mouth of Paul Haggis. Basically, he's virtually confirmed that Vesper Lynd's villainous boyfriend is coming back, that he supports the choice of Marc Forster as director, that he's only written 20 pages of the script and that he wants Felix Leiter to return.

- Studio Canal have teamed up with Universal to create what will be France's largest single home entertainment distributor.

- Three clips from Eastern Promises are online.


ArchCarrier said...

Two more (fairly boring) clips from Eastern Promises are here and here.

Anonymous said...

That's an effigy of Batman hanging, not one of the imposters.

Brendon said...

Do you think it's an effigy because it was a dummy on set?

I've been told quite clearly that it is, in the plot, one of the imitation Batmen.

Anonymous said...

Was told on set that it is an effigy.

skippy said...

i agree with ya... Eddie Griffin as Babe the Blue Ox??? Uggh. Is this their version of Eddie Murphy's Donkey in the Shrek movies?