Thursday, August 02, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Transfer Deposit Edition

- George Miller is frontrunner to direct Justice League of America.

- Dread Central have eight clips from Death Sentence.

- Chumscrubber is finally coming to the UK, as an R2 DVD in September. It seems that the commentary tracks from the US R1 will be absent.

- A still from Redbelt has appeared.

- The Venice Film Festival is launching an award for homsexuality-centric films, the 'Queer Lion'. Just what gay cinema needs, a ghetto to keep it out of the mainstream. Tut tut.

- Jeffrey Wells is using The Bourne Ultimatum to question one of Walter Murch's solid theories. The thing is, Wells is making a few crucial assumptions, so his process is flawed. And Murch's generalisation isn't. Trust me - I've tested it.

- More suggestion that Andrew Stanton is to direct the John Carter film has appeared at the Blue Sky Disney blog.

- Alex Winter has directed the first live-action Ben 10 tv film, and cast Lee Majors as Grandpa.

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