Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fortieth Anniversary DVD Boxset For The Prisoner

If you haven't yet purchased The Prisoner on DVD, this might convince you; if you have, I'm sorry, but you're going to want to do so again. A new 40th anniversary edition of the series looks like one of the best DVD boxsets of the year, if not of all time.

There's a total of seven commentaries, featuring between them Bernie Williams, Tony Sloman, Vincent Tillsley, Pat Jackson, Peter Graham Scott, John S. Smith, Roger Parkes, Noreen Ackland and Eric Mival - but sadly no Patrick McGoohan; a feature length and 'definitive' documentary on the show called Don't Knock Yourself Out; original edits of two key episodes, Arrival and The Chimes of Big Ben; an entire book on the production by Andrew Pixley; original mono and 5.1 upmixes... and loads and loads of images, papers, trailers and b-roll from the time of production.

Incredible. If neither John Ford nor Ridley Scott had been born, this would have been film ick's most keenly desired DVD set of 2007.

Seven discs of beautifully restored paranoid psychedelia all topped off with the most beautiful logotype in film and TV history. Yummy.


Anonymous said...

How much is this gonna retail for in the UK?

James said...

Now I'm wondering, is this going to come out in the States? I need to do some investigating.

Anonymous said...

That's all fine and good for you Brits, but what's a Yank to do if he wants his Prisoner fix?


Brendon said...

Don't expect this to be released in the US. I certainly don't.

Instead, buy a multi-region DVD player. You can get them for under thirty dollars. And then import the UK set.

Anonymous said...

Or, instead of getting a crap DVD player, have a hunt round the Interweb for instructions on how to hack the player you already have.

I did mine, and I'm no technical whizz.

Brendon said...

Not every player can be hacked, and most of the big brand ones can't. I was sort of assuming that was the definition of a multi-region player, anyway.

If you don't know if your player can be enabled for multi-region play then Google 'multi region remote hack' and the name/model number of your player.

Douglas said...

Greatest meta evah.

Another Yank waiting for HD version.

Hey...they still have the 35mm...right?

Brendon said...

Looks like it.