Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Bee Gee Scented Bee Edition

- Paul McGillion has apparently auditioned for the role of Scotty in Star Trek. If this brings more attention to A Dog's Breakfast then that's a very good thing. Meanwhile, it has been rumoured that Mike Vogel has been given the role of James T. Kirk. You may have seen him in Havoc or Rumour Has It, you'll see him in 1-18-08 and he also stars in The Deaths of Ian Stone which, unfortunately, isn't a documentary about the demise of the stand up comedian.

- After Jackass 2.5, headed stright to DVD later this year, Jackass 3 begins filming in the new year.

- Knight Rider is coming back to TV but this time, the cars - yep, cars plural and some of them will be 'evil' - will have shape-changing abilities a la Transformers. To add insult to injury, Doug Liman has been hired to direct at least one of the TV movies. And don't get me wrong I don't think this is a bad idea because I'm protective of the original. Blimey - anything but.

- Rob Reiner is endorsing Hilary Clinton.

- Martin Scorsese is to direct a documentary about George Harrison, the second best Beatle. Aren't you exicted that Across the Universe is out tomorrow? I definitely am. Weirdly, this Scorsese film might end up featuring Terry Gilliam in the section about Handmade Films and Time Bandits. Isn't the universe supposed to explode when matter comes into contact with anti-matter?

- Anna Faris is to play Linda Lovelace. Blimey. In a way this is a very, very good thing because Faris really needs some... er... deeper roles to play. She's superb when she's allowed to be and I'd love to see in her less throwaway nonsense and more decent films that demand a little of the cast, crew and audience.

- Transformers 2 is set for release on June 26, 2009. Let's see how much that changes in the meantime.

- Matthew Mark Carnahan is scripting a film about the San Francisco 'Zebra Murders', a series of random attacks committed in the 70s by members of the Nation of Islam. Hot. Button. Issue.

- The UK teaser poster for Wall-E appears to have made it's way onto the interweb.

- Before George Miller agreed to take the reins, David Slade was apparently the man charged with directing the Justice League film. I'm happier with Miller. Especially if, as I'm told he will, he brings Brendan McCarthy along with him...

- Robert Redford is the latest director to try on Against All Enemies. I hope he's successful in getting it produced because he's a far better director than Paul Haggis, the last chap tipped for the canvas hot seat.

- Will Chloe Sevigny or Rachel Weisz be in Terminator 4? Seems a little unlikely as of yet.

- Spielberg and Paramount may be parting ways and Paramount have echoed my sentiments, it seems, with a resounding "So what?"

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