Friday, September 28, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Big Bhaji Discount On Collection Edition

So... hungry...

- Jessica Biel has
opted not to take the Wonder Woman role. So, whoever we do end up with, we know they're probably second choice at best. And they'll know it too.

- David Goyer is to direct Baltimore or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire, from a script by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, creators o
f the original illustrated novel (which, for the great grandparents reading this, isn't the same thing as a graphic novel or a comic).

- The Bizarro version of the above story: Russel Mulcahy is to direct Zen and the Art of Slaying Vampires, from a script by Stephen-Elliot Altman, author of the original novel.

- On the day Across the Universe has opened across the... er... well, a fair bit of the world anyway, some sprinklings of news about Julie Taymor's Spider-Man musical have come raining down. If only this had any chance of ever becoming a film.

- Sam Weisman has signed on to direct The Miracle of St. Anthony. It's one of those uplifting sports dramas, once again from a true story and, as seems most common, the sport is basketball.

- Bottle Rocket is headed to Criterion. What happened, Wes? Why did your career go so far wrong so quickly?

- The Indiana Jones IV shoot has moved - SPOILER! - to a soundstage recreation of the warehouse from Raiders.

- Scott Rudin and Miramax have snapped up the movie rights to Junot Diaz' debut novel, The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

- The American Oldboy remake isn't as dead as many would hope.

- There's a fair size of web domains registered to Pixar currently.

- While Ray Winstone won't be in the Sweeney movie, it looks like director Nick Love is houdning Paul Bettany to replace him. Er... okay. That's a really odd switch.

- Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman each have a voice role in The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Dinner time... back later...


Mark said...

Y'know, casting Wonder Woman has been a ball-ache for all kinds. Whedon and Silver couldn't do it, and that caused them all kinds of problems. Timm has gone the bleedin' obvious choice for the NEW FRONTIER DVD, casting Lucy Lawless.

I liked the Victoria Hill rumour - she's smart and capable, and tall and brunette. And yes, if necessary, just stand her on an orange box until she's taller than the dudes playing Superman and Batman. It's hardly rocket science.

Jens said...

I don't think that knowing you were second choice means anything. Clint Eastwood was second choice for Dirty Harry (after John Wayne), Harrison Ford was second choice for Indiana Jones (after Tom Selleck) and Christopher Walken (allegedly, for Han Solo). To name just 2 1/2 examples. Didn't hurt them or the respective series any.

jc said...

What is that comment about Anderson's career supposed to mean?

Spidey said...

SPIDERMAN MUSICAL? Taymor is really trying to make me hate her right?

- spidey

David said...


I disagree with quite a few of Brendon's opinions (I think Across the Universe is horrible cultural tourism, for example, and Tarantino needs a strong producer if he's ever again going to make anything that isn't a pale pastiche), but I think he's absolutely bang on with his criticism of Wes Anderson, who peaked with Rushmore and has since retreated into his own hermetically-sealed little world, filled with whimsy and a quirky soundtrack.

He's still capable of greatness, in my humble, but he badly needs to break out of his comfort zone.