Sunday, September 16, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Flavour Crisps Edition

- The 24fps vs. 25fps Berlin Alexanderplatz debate rages on.

- Lenny Henry is to star in the radio adaptation of Anansi Boys. I'm hoping he'll somebody end up starring in a film version too, but... well, I keep getting reminded how unlikely that is. And I don't like it.

- Has the primary 1-18-08 monster been revealed? There's a supposed picture going site to site... but it's a fake.

- Leonardo Di Caprio and Vinnie Jones have been cast in Freedom of the Heart, an Irish historical epic. Now the film simply needs to secure an agreement from the Irish Film Board. I saw the link at Cinematical.

- A cameo role in Step Brothers is being auctioned off. Not only will Cancer for College get a hefty wad, you might end up appearing alongside Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly.

- Spy pics fromt he set of Hippie Hippie Shake reveal that Sienna Miller will be going au natrel once again.

- What there is of Andrezj Zulawski's never-completed On the Silver Globe has received a US DVD release, but apparently, it isn't officially sanctioned. Still hard to resist...

- Vincent Gallo wants the world to know that was his real penis in The Brown Bunny.

- Spoiler Alert, repeat, Spoiler Alert: Verne Troyer and Jessica Alba have a sex scene in The Love Guru.

- The generally-released cut of Southland Tales is to be 2 hrs 24 mins. Richard Kelly has described the latest editing as 'fixing' the film. Hmmm.

Blimey. Quite an oversexed edition...

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