Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Ken Hom Wine Edition

- Vanessa Hudgens has been made to apologise for the recently leaked photo of her naked. Unless she leaked it herself, which I very much doubt, what does she have to apologise for? Would it make people happier if she just went and got neutered too? And why don't actresses who appear naked in films - that is to say, actresses that know they are going to be seen nude, not expect that they won't be - have to apologise too?

- The first confirmed purchase at Toronoto has been Jar City, an Icelandic thriller from Baltasar Kormakur. IFC have taken the North American rights.

- Alyssa Milano has landed a recurring role in My Name is Earl.

- Joaquin Phoenix and James Gray are reteaming for their third go-round together. Two Lovers is a romance/family drama, and Gwyneth Paltrow is currently finishing up her deal to star opposite Phoenix.

- Good Luck Chuck's Mark Helfrich is to direct the action film Five Killers. Two Lovers and Fiver Killers on one day... what is this? Some kind of postmodern advent?

- Obsessed With Film have read the script to X-Men Origins: Magneto and have spilled a number of plot points.

- A really very small amount of Sweeney Todd music has been 'borrowed' and posted online. The film's official site is expected to host lots more music from the film soon.

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Matt said...

I agree with you about Vanessa Hudgens. She didn't leak the photo, and as it is this perceived stigma needs to end promptly. Just because a woman appears nude somewhere does not indicate anything in comparisson to being a boozing slut like other American celebrities. I wish this puritan retardation would leave the American mentality.
What if Efron, the other guy on High School Musical had pics of him and his wang circulating the internet? What would that indicate? I doubt he would have to apologise.