Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Lean Over Teddy If You Will Edition

- A decent sized number of supposed JLA spoilers can be found online now.

- Witness the Sex and the City ladies, all reunited before the cameras.

- T.J Storm has been added to the Punisher 2 cast. And it seems that Dominic West has been given the role of Jigsaw. West is good... but is he Paddy Considine good? Did they go with the wrong guy?

- Megan Fox is being courted for the lead role in Hack/

- Liv Ullmann is to star in In a Mirror, In a Riddle, an adaptation of a Jostein Gaarder novel. This is to be Ullmann's first Norwegian film in 38 years!

- Colourmovie's music video for They Might Be Giants' Shadow Government is well worth a go.

- Roland Emmerich has dissed James Cameron's Fantastic Voyage script.

- Special features on an upcoming R2 UK Masters of Horror DVD release will include John Boorman and Stephen Spielberg interviews, and over a
n hour and a half of roundtable and panel chat. I'm sure this si for season 2 as I've had season 1 for quite some time.

- Kristin Thompson is on the case of the New Line/Jackson/Rings/Hobbit legal tangle.

- Talking of which, Masters of Horror appears to have been canned in favour of Fear Itself, a similarly conceived show but one set up at NBC and not Showtime. That means the excessive amounts of nudity and gore will have to be scrapped - but, as I'm sure you know I'm about to say, that's not a bad thing. Nor is it a good thing. It's just a thing. A PG-13 horror film can be just as good as an R-rated horror film, and vice versa.

- Tony Scott is remaking The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 with a script by David Koepp and Denzel Washington in the Walter Matthau role. At least we know it's going to be different to the original. And the original will always remain.

- The fourth Terminator is still trundling along through development.

- AnnaSophia Robb is playing (the) Jodie Foster (role) in the Escape to Witch Mountain remake.

- Flickhead are hosting a Luis Bunuel blogathon. If I had known earlier, I'd have transcribed my lesson plan about establishing shots and explain why Un Chien Andalou contains the two of the top ten edits in film history - and consecutively, too.

- The first epsiode of House's season 4 was a big ratings winner.

- The second X-Files film looks set to roll in December. I guess the strike has forced their hand and actually lead to some play on this one.

- Brick Lane was to be this year's Royal gala film but the even thas been scrapped, likely due to fears of protest against the film's supposedly objectionable portrayal of Asians and British-Asians. In some sort of recompense the film has been squeezed into the London Film Festival schedule and, furthermore, two seperate films will be given Royal gala screenings in 2008, not just the usual one.

- Richard Kelly seems to think it's ageism that's winning Southland Tales all of these bad reviews. Er... I wouldn't be so sure, sir.

- Ken Loach and Paul Laverty have given an interview regarding It's a Free World. For my part, I thought it started badly, ended badly and had some pretty good stuff in the middle. Like the worst of Laverty's writing it was overly schematic, often seeming quite forced and had some amazing skips in story and character logic. And yes, yes, yes - it was tiresomely polemical. And that comes from somebody who agreed with these politics. Though i did watch it on Monday when I was still ill.

- John August has published the winners of his The Nines trailer competition.


Stacey said...

Um, color me stupid, but what role did Jodi Foster play in Escape to Witch Mountain? I loved that movie as a kid (I'm damn near 40 so I saw it in theaters). I know that Kim Richards played Tia as well as starred in some other Disney/Movie of the Week type of films in the 70's... I must have missed something or need to see the movie again...

Glad to see you're back - it's been odd coming home from work and not having the usual "Film Ick" hour.

Brendon said...

Hence the brackets, really. It was more of a comment on how AnnaSophia Robb looks not so much like Jodie Foster but like how Jodie Foster was done up tomboyishly for the 70s movies she was in.

Foster's not in the original, but I tell you, I'm sure they wanted her.

That wasn't very clear of me, was it? Oh well. I look daft.

By the way, I'm very fond of the original too, in many ways. Not John Hough's best film, but decent enough all the same.