Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Markets Have Been Rallying Edition

- David Duchovny is behind a new live action show for Cartoon Network. Do people not like toons anymore? Tsk.

- Dave Gorman's Genius is transferring from Radio to TV. Good.

- Matthew McConaughey has taken over the Owen Wilson role in Tropic Thunder. He's also on for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, where Jennifer Garner will be joining him.

-Colin Salmon (once he was not only the next Bond, he was the first black Bond, but he seems to have blown it), Dash Mihok and Doug Hutchinson have all joined the cast of the next Punisher film.

- Virgin 1 is to launch on October 1st.

- MGM HD is to be a round-the-clock DirecTV channel that, frankly, I'd quite fancy.

- Jailhouse Rock choreographer Alex Romero has passed away, aged 94.

- If John Carpenter agrees, Body Bags will be back as a TV series.

- Neil Gaiman's been hanging around at Studio Ghibli.

- The new No Country For Old Men posters are very nice indeed.

- Myriad Pictures are still releasing The Mother of Tears to cinemas in the US.

- Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds have jumped aboard Greg Motola's Adventureland.

- The good folk of Sesame Street are launching a weekly video podcast.

- Gustin Nash's Missed Connections, a MySpacey take on the Love Actually format has found a home at New Line.

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