Thursday, September 06, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Second Leg Of A Bronze Tripod Edition

- There's only 2 more minutes in the IMAX Transformers but at least three or four extra metres.

- The DVD release of Halloween is to feature material from both the theatrical and famously-leaked workprint versions.

- It looks like another Jackass is coming.

- Cynthia Mort has sold an untitled murder-mystery pitch described as 'a fast paced morality tale'.

- Ralph Fiennes has joined the cast of The Duchess, Saul Dibb's Keira Knightley-as-aristocracy drama. Fiennes and Knightley are to play a married couple, the titular Duchess and the Duke of Devonshire. Hayley Atwell and Dominic Cooper are also onboard.

- An Office convention is to be held in Scranton, Pa. (of course) this October. I saw the link at Pop Candy.

- While John Travolta is to be honoured with the second annual Kirk Douglas "Excellence in Film" gong, Tim Allen is to receive an award in the name of Rodne
y Dangerfield.

- From War Games 2 to The Cutting Edge 3. Matt Lanter needs a break, I think. Have you seen War Games lately? What a lovely film, so underrated.

- People are seeing Citizen Kane for the first time all of the time.

- The Indiana Jones IV media
kit has been sent out.

- The free, public tribute to Betty Comden is a star-studded affair.

- Summit have acquired the North American theatrical rights to Penelope after two aborted release plans from previous rights-holders IFC. Expect a February release.

- Universal have gone for Jeff the Immortal, the comedic adventures of a supernatural slacker destined to live forever.

- Tony Kaye's Black Water Transit is among films to be previewed privately at Toronto. The first still from the film (I believe) has popped up too.

- Son of Rambow is to play Fantastic Fest. I keep telling you it's good, and I'm not about to stop. Go see it. In the meantime, visit the Tongsville bank and tell Garth and Nick how much you're looking forward to their film.

- Jeff Daniels and Neal McDonough have been added to the cast of Jeffrey Machmanoff's Traitor.

- Robert Kurtzman is to direct Sean Patrick Flannery, Amanda Wyss, Joe Pantoliano and Michelle Greathouse in To Live and Die. Wonder if ti will be set in LA?

- A Diary of the Dead zombie has been revealed.

- A preview for the Spaceballs toon is on YouTube now.

- Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai's Mad Detective is the 'secret' film at Venice this year.

- There's more news rolling out about the John Ford DVD box set, the only thing on the horizon to put the Blade Runner: Final Cut set into the shade, and then only a little bit.

- Pixar-and-toy-beaver genius Jeff Pidgeon would like Kevin McKidd to play Number 6 in the Prisoner feature film. Good call.

- Sean Bean, Ryan Phillippe and Abby Cornish have all joined Menno Meyje's Viking 'love story written in fire and blood', Last Battle Dreamer.

- I love Dianne Weist and, as such, I'm very happy to report she's netted a recurring role in The Return of Jezebel James. Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose are to play her daughters.


Mark said...

McKidd = better call than the last two rumours I heard for the position (Mel Gibson and Christopher Eccleston).

Anonymous said...

Fangoria's article says there is no word on whether Halloween will include the work print. Was this a mistake on Film Ick's part. I really hope the DVD does include it.

Anonymous said...

hey dude, check out nikki finke's blog. she's posting private correspondence without the author's permission. what a hypocrite, eh?

Adam said...

McKidd WOULD make a great Number 6. However, I just don't want to see THE PRISONER remade unless they do the original justice.
Top-shelf creators or no dice. Can you imagine how we'd have suffered if Simon West ever got it off the ground?