Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Success Chart For Poverty Stricken Smokers Edition

- One of Harry Knowles' problems with the Dirty Dozen remake script is that it's set in a contemporary conflict and not World War 2. Frankly, that's pretty much irrelevant - but, yes, the script sounds absolutely awful regardless.

- The animated title sequence for Love in the Time of Cholera is online now and very nice it is too. I saw the link at CartoonBrew.

- Early promo images for Astroboy and Gatchaman have appeared. Calling them posters might be a bit strong.

- The 1-18-08 viral sites keep on coming. Tagruato Corp. anybody?

- Larry Cohen's original script for Cellular has been published online. It's much more interesting than the finished film.

- Currently, the wrong episode of Stargate Atlantis is up on iTunes. Insteead of being the first episode of season 4, it;s the fourth episode. Get yourself a look three weeks early - if you move more quickly than MGM and iTunes.

And... that's it. Sunday morning. The world is snoozy.

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