Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Go Go

Almost a month ago I wrote a post called Go Go Cirio Santiago announcing that the Death Proof DVD was to include an interview with Cirio H. Santiago, conducted by Quentin Tarantino. Well, now I actually have my advance copy of the DVD in hand I can sadly say the interview isn't on there at all. Not even as an Easter Egg (trust me, I bust my way into every last title, track and chapter encoded on each disc just to check it wasn't hiding from me).

I'll shortly be consoling myself by actually watching the film - the full unrated, no-missing-reel cut, as I'm sure you know by now, not that I've even seen the double bill version, being here in the UK - but I'm quite disappointed by the omission.

Anybody out there have any idea why it was shelved?

Oh, and by the way... the sleeve also advertises a Spanish soundtrack, but that's missing too - though there are Spanish subtitles.

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