Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Strike List - Lots Of Good Stuff Coming

A very well circulated list landed on my e-mail heap a couple of days ago too, but it came while I was very, very busy with school and not able to run any updates. By now, lots of sites have carried the list and commented on what interests them most of all and, funnily enough, some of the bits and pieces that excited me have gone without much mention at all.

The full list, first of all. You can read it at Coming Soon (just to pull one site out of the hat). By now, the list is apparently a couple of week sold, so it may be slightly out of date, but it's a vague list anyway, not a set of concrete projects.

Martin Campbell is listed as attached to two projects: Villain at 2929 and Runaway Train at Fox. I'd have preferred Bond 22 be in his hands, instead of Marc Forster, but that's not going to happen, so hopefully these both can.

The Coens' Serious Man is listed, which suggest they may be preparing to segue directly into that after Burn After Reading wraps. Nice.

Josh Marston is named as the director of Curveball. I'm a huge Marston fan, on the strength of Maria Full of Grace alone, so this has me very interested. It may be the supernatural thriller that JJ Abrams is producing, but I suppose it also may not be - either way, it's a Josh Marston film. That's all I care about right now.

Focus are apparently teaming with Werner Herzog on The Piano Tuner.

Jean Pierre Jeunet's The Life of Pi still appears to be a going concern at Fox 2000. Good. I didn't much care for the book but it's been far too long since Jeunet's stepped foot on set for my liking.

Seth Gordon's Four Christmases looks set to go before his King of Kong fiction film, but that was pretty much known already.

Paramount have an Untitled Cameron Crowe Project - and I'm still head over heels with the last one of those (even if it did eventually get a title, before losing it again for 'the bootleg cut'). If anybody knows anything at all about this film, please tell me.

With no director yet attached, Tokyo Suckerpunch is still revving up at Sony. They also have Nora Ephron's Julie Julia and Jim Sheridan's Brothers.

Over at Universal at Billy Ray's Hurricane Season, Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim - pushing Ant Man to the back of the backmost burner, I imagine - and My Name is Jody Williams from Audrey Wells. After the Crowe, this was the most delightful surprise on the whole list for me - I wasn't entirely convinced Wells would be making many more films, nor in any hurry, but I'm utterly chuffed that she is.

There's a Tim Burton film listed at Warner Bros., entitled Spook's Apprentice. Another surprise listing, at least to me, I know very little of it, though I assume it's an adaptation of the books by Joe Delaney. Again, pass on what info you have.

I believed Richard Curtis was exclusively busy prepping The Boat that Rocked, here listed as Rock the Boat, but the Weinsteins have him down too, for a big screen version of Bernard and the Genie (incorrectly titled Bernard the Genie, but anyway). That should shift a few DVD copies of the BBC original.

Peter Chelsom's Tulip Fever is listed under the Weinstein banner too. I'm very hopeful for that one, though, like all of the other genuinely newsy entries here, I've no idea who is scripting, who might star, or anything much at all. It's a fair bet that this is an adaptation of the book, of course - indeed, I'm sure of it. But that's where my insight ends.

So, that's plenty for me to get worked up about over the next 18 months or so. What caught your eye?

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