Saturday, September 01, 2007

Vic And Bob

Here's the latest film by students of mine. This one is called Vic and Bob and is pretty nifty. This is the first time any of these folks have tried to make a movie in any way and they had the shortest course I offer - the whole process took under 12 hours, from conception to final sound lock. They conceived the film, scripted it, wrote a shot list, storyboarded it, shot it (mainly - I operated camera on a few shots just to rush things along, really) and did the post production too. It was an intense course, but they seemed to enjoy it.

Aside from myself, two of the cast/crew are sometime contributors to this blog. Look for their names in the end credits.



Jack said...

I really liked it.

Johnny Kool said...

Very cute, I enjoy it!

Mark said...

Dunno. Love BAND OF GOLD. does that help?

Sherron said...

Very funny. ;)