Sunday, October 07, 2007

Christopher Plummer Is Dr. Parnassus - And Our First Look At A Design From The Film

In a truly genius piece of casting, Terry Gilliam has made Christopher Plummer his Dr. Parnassus. As previously reported, Tom Waits is involved - but as Mr. Nick, the devilish villain of the piece.

Phil Stubbs came good on his promise and has published the image below in his new piece on the film. He's also confirmed the Heath Ledger, Lily Cole, Andrew Garfield and Vern Troyer casting as covered here as the weeks and months have gone by.

For many, many more details I'll point you towards my previous script review, which gives a good idea of the characters and plot. No doubt Phil Stubbs will be bringing us more as the film progresses, and I'll be doing my best to find out what I can also, in the many long moons until it is expected to be released in early 2009.

Please send me any information - any information at all - you have about this film.


Anonymous said...

Cool beans!

Plummer, of course, why didn't I think of that. He'd also be an ideal Quixote.

Digging this production art, especially the depth/layers of the stage. The contrast of old-fashioned baroque with modern-day gritty London will be a sight to see.

Having read the script, Brendon, wouldn't you agree that this film will be much more what fans and audiences in general expect to see from a TG movie than his last two (which sadly threw many for a loop)?


Brendon said...

There are several elements in the script that seemed familiar from his previous work but, actually, that wasn't something I found encouraging in the way you do. Not discouraging either, but I can't get giddy because I think it might be more 'done' and therefore easier to digest by the mass audience.

Tideland was his best film in 20 years.

I have no doubts that Parnassus will be truly superb. None at all. I just don't think the script is up to the standards of some of his best work.

Still beats most stuff out there, of course. And easily.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment about Tideland... For Parnassus, I'm not sure that you can really envisage what the film will you like by just reading the script... Gilliam is very visual, so the preproduction drawings, storyboards etc. will surely bring more than expected to the story.

Brendon said...

There's a lot you can tell from the script - and I was comparing, after all, to the 'writerly' or 'scripted' elements of other films.