Saturday, October 20, 2007

Five Paramount Vantage Scripts, Straight To You

Paramount Vantage are offering free downloads of five of their scripts - The Kite Runner, A Mighty Heart, Into the Wild, There Will Be Blood and Margot at the Wedding.

Unfortunately, they're keeping the script for Son of Rambow off the table, not least because it isn't getting a release until May next year and these scripts aren't just a free gift - they're being used as an awards-season lobbying device.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why they didnt put "No Country For Old Men" up as well?
Surely its a contender

Liger2007 said...

I love Hosseini’s confrontation with pivotal issues that are still prevalent in Afghanistan today. Paramount Vantage, the studio producing the film, just a few weeks ago, postponed the release date back six weeks in an attempt to ensure the safety of the young actors in the film. The controversial rape scene and the political unrest between the Hazara and Pashtun are showcased in the movie It is a shame that the very topics Hosseini discusses in his novel are still, obviously, present today - so much so that a mere independent film could potentially cause drastic ramifications in the Afghan community.