Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Not Alone

DavisDVD was always one of my favourite sites. Head on over there now for a sad Goodbye statement.

Thanks for all of your hard work over the years, Patrick. I look forward to whatever you do next.


David said...

Why don't you just join him in retirement? Who honestly gives a shit? This is like the biggest ego feeder EVER!

ArchCarrier said...

Gosh darnit... First Stylus, then film ick, then DavidDVD, all in one week.

Brendon said...

Thanks, David.

I mean - maybe you only ever speak your mind in order to boost your ego, but I do it so that I have expressed precisely what I mean.

Here's a way to equivalate my retirement: just never visit this site again.

David said...

I actually like the site, I just get sick and tired when the big brains behind websites throw out the possibility of retirement in dramatic effect just to see how many people "love them".

As for the ego argument, I'm not going to fight you on that because I don't know anyone who does anything without it being somehow connected to the ego. Your website, for instance, has been a perfect example of that for some time now.